Undergraduate - Accepted Students

Click HERE for the 2017-18 Undergraduate Exams, Orientations, and Auditions Schedule

(Pre-Instructional Activities Calendar)


NEW MAJORS MEETING (mandatory for all new majors)

Tuesday, September 26th at 1 pm

Music Room 1145



Music Theory                     Tues Sept. 26                       2-3pm                   Music 1145

Musicianship                     Tues Sept. 26                       3-4pm                   Music 1145



ENGLISH LANGUAGE PLACEMENT EXAM (ELPE) Non-native speakers of English, including both international students and Permanent Residents, are required to take both the written and the oral portions:

ELPE                                    Fri Sept 22                            8 am-12 pm                        TBA



MUSIC LIBRARY TOURS: Tues Sept 26, 4:30-5 pm and Wed Sept 27, 10:30-11 am




Auditions for private instruction in strings, winds, brass, and percussion may be arranged with individual faculty members by instrument. Please see http://www.music.ucsb.edu/people/faculty-area for email contacts.


Audition information for Music Department ensembles may be found at http://www.music.ucsb.edu/ensembles.


Piano: Placement tests are required for Class Piano, Music 31A-C, and Secondary Piano, Music 31X and 32A-F. A second audition is also required for intermediate and advanced piano, Music 33/133 (1-hour private lessons). Sign up outside Music 0301 (piano proficiency tests) and Music 0305 (private lessons) starting Monday, Sept 25.

Piano Proficiency Placement Tests              Wed Sept 27                        10-12 and 1-4                      Music 0301

Piano Auditions                                                Thurs Sept 28                     10-1:30                                  Music 0305



Voice and Choral: Please use https://ucsbchoruses.youcanbook.me/ to schedule an audition for Chamber Choir and Women’s chorus. To audition for voice lessons with faculty, sign up outside Music 2236 starting Monday, Sept 25.

Chamber Choir/Women’s Chorus               Sept 25, 27, 29                     6-9 pm                                  Music 1222

                                                                             Sept 26, 28                           10 am – 3 pm                      Music 1222


Audition for voice lessons                           Thurs Sept 28                     10 am – 1 pm                      Geiringer Hall

Mandatory Voice Area Meeting*                  Thurs Sept 28                     3-4 pm                                  Geiringer Hall

*required for all voice majors and students in voice faculty studios