Men's Chorus

This course is not being offered in 2017-2018.
Gents from departments across campus get together to form this exciting new all-male chorus, modeled on the glee-club style ensembles that have become famous at other top American universities.The Men’s Chorus performs a wide range of choral music, from classical works of the Renaissance to the 20th century, as well as lighter fare, including folk song and choral arrangements of upbeat, contemporary music, associated with glee club choirs. Furthermore, the gentlemen of the chorus occasionally ‘meet the gals’ and join forces with the Women’s Chorus to perform larger choral works for mixed voices. 

Frequently asked questions about choral music at UCSB

Do I have to be a music major?

Absolutely not! Both music majors and non-majors from some 20 departments on campus sing in the choirs.

Should I be afraid of the audition?

Absolutely not!  The audition is short (10 min.) and simple. We just need to hear your voice and evaluate your reading level so that we can place you in the choir that is a good match for you.  Nothing complicated, and probably nothing you’ve never done before. If you’ve never sung in a choir, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is. Simply show up with your voice, that’s all!

Do I need to read music?

Yes. The choirs use scores and do not learn by rote. However, don’t try to second-guess your level or let your fears deter you from trying out, because each choir has a different level and the audition helps us orient you to the group which best suits your abilities.

What is the age range in the choirs?

The choirs include all levels of undergraduate, masters and doctoral students, and even post-docs, faculty, and staff. The mixture is great, and it works because what motivates us is our love of music and singing!

How do I sign up?

This course is not being offered for the 2016-2017 academic year.