Corwin Chair Series

The Corwin Chair presents a series of engaging concerts and lectures each quarter, with performances and topics ranging from live experimental/improvisatory electronic music to the conversion of DNA sequences into sound. There will only be one event in the Corwin Chair Series for Fall 2017. Please see below for more details.

Fall 2017

Monday, October 23, 2017 
Lecture: 6 p.m. in Studio Xenakis (Music Room 2215)
Concert: 7 p.m. in Karl Geiringer Hall
Admission is free and both events are open to the public.
Sounding Limits features a series of compositions resulted from a long-term collaboration between the French composer Pascale Criton and the Italian string players Silvia Tarozzi & Deborah Walker.
Since the 1980s, Pascale Criton has been exploring sound variability, microtunings, multisensory receptions and the spatialization of listening. Silvia Tarozzi, violin, and Deborah Walker, cello, are two adepts of contemporary and experimental music and free-improvisation. Together with Pascale Criton they have been exploring microtonal extended techniques and gestural processes on a violin and a cello tuned in 1/16 of a tone. The compositions that resulted from this process are conceived as corporal scripts. They challenge the sense of form and the attitude of interpretation, transforming it into a creative process. Time and motion are no longer defined by pitches and metric systems  but embodied diagrams and moods.
After being performed in International Festival and venues in Europe, Sounding Limits will be presented for the first time in the United States in the Fall of 2017.
Pascale Criton's West Coast tour is organized by Art&Fact and is made possible with the support of the SACEM, the SPEDIDAM, and the Italian Institute of Culture.