Ethnomusicology Forum

Fall 2017

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Spring 2017

April 12th Music Library Seminar Room
Writing Workshop: Abstracts, Project Statements, and Dissertation Proposals
Event Description: This will be an opportunity to discuss approaches and strategies for presenting your research in a few different institutional and academic contexts, including the dissertation proposal you will prepare in our program. If you are writing an abstract for a conference, a project statement for a grant application, or a dissertation proposal, please bring it to share and get feedback. Examples of successful proposals from our current cohort are very welcome, so please bring anything you are willing to discuss. 
May 10 
Lecture/Demonstration by Kayhan Kalhor and Brooklyn Rider
May 17 | Music Room 1145
Joint Forum: Distinguished Lecturer Series Talk by Jocelyn Guilbault, Professor of Ethnomusicology at UC Berkeley 
Talk Title: "The Politics of Musical Bonding: New Prospects for Cosmopolitan Music Studies."
Abstract: This paper addresses new musical formations that are articulated across places, times, and people and that are openly embraced and promoted by musicians as well as fans today. It explores what I call the politics and logics of musical bonding as a processual example of worlding. Numerous studies have focused on the musical connections between centers and peripheries, on musical practices that have traveled from the so-called first countries to the global south. Save some notable exceptions, few studies have traced the bonding that musics from the global south have created not just in the West, but also among themselves—in various parts of the global south and Asia. This study examines two musical practices from the south, soca and zouk from the Caribbean region, to highlight the different logics of cosmopolitan musical bonding, the worlding (ways of thinking and being) they put into motion, the affective relations and the “mattering maps” (Lawrence Grossberg’s term) that they generate.
Admission is free and the event is open to the public. 
May 24 | Music Room 1145
Joint Forum: Talk by Martin Daughtry, Associate Professor at New York University 
Talk Title: "Atmospheric Pressures: Reflections on Voice in the Anthropocene"
Admission is free and the event is open to the public.