Graduate - Accepted Students

Congratulations on being admitted to UCSB's Department of Music!

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Department Keys

To arrange for a practice-room key or to obtain keys associated with your TAship, please contact Connor Long, Operations Manager.

Music Department practice rooms are ONLY for students in ensembles or those enrolled in Music Department lessons. Students taking non-performance classes do NOT get practice-room keys.

A $40.00 deposit is required to check out a key and is payable only by check or postal money order (available from the post office located in the basement of the UCen). Checks or money order are to be made out to UC RegentsNo cash accepted.

Access Card / UCSB ID Card

When you arrive on campus, be sure to obtain your UCSB Identification Card / Access Card. This can be done at the information desk at the UCen.

Guidance Exams

The 2019-20 Graduate Exams, Orientations, and Auditions Schedule (Pre-Instructional Activities) 

All graduate students, with the exception on those entering in Ethnomusicology, are required to take Guidance / Diagnostic Exams.  Study guides for the exams will be emailed to you in June. If you are entering as a Ethnomusicology Student, there are separate exams. Contact the ethno faculty member you have been in contact with for information on preparing. 
Guidance exams can be take twice. Deficiencies can be remedied by retaking the exam next year, or by taking a course.
For any further questions about the exams, contact Carly Yartz.


The goal of advising to keep you on track toward your degree and to insure you complete your degree in normative time. All students should meet with the head of your area or your direct faculty mentor the first week of classes and the beginning of each quarter for advice regarding which courses to take and your projected schedule for future quarters.
Everyone should meet with Carly Yartz on an as needed basis to be sure you are on track and for any exceptions or substitutions. She updates your degree progress sheets which list every requirement for your degree; they are available online in the General Catalog or you can a word version from her.
The General Catalog is your “contract” for degree requirements based on the year you entered. The Graduate Student Handbook, produced by the Gradaute Divison, has complete information for matters pertaining to graduate studies. The Music Department Handbook (2017-18 version coming soon) has additional information pertinent to msuic department graduate students.
For information on how to satisfy language requirements, if required for your degree, talk to Carly Yartz. There are classes and exams you can take.