Admitted Students

Department of Music

Undergraduate Fall Pre-Instructional Activities

Information for Fall 2019 is tentative and subject to change.


This is required of new majors, recommended for all continuing majors and those considering the major.

Snacks and refreshments will be served.

Tuesday, September 24th at 3pm, Music Courtyard



Music Theory              Tues Sept. 24               1pm              Music 1145

Musicianship               Tues Sept. 24               2pm             Music 1145

Please notify the department if you do not intend to take this exam. All new BM students are required to take this exam. It is recommended that all BA students take the exam.

This exam will be offered during the pre-instruction week of Fall quarter only. The exam presumes prior training in music theory and musicianship. Students will be placed in Music 11, 5A, B or C, and Music 4A, B or C. Students unfamiliar with music theory should take MUS 11, Fundamentals of Music and do not need to take the exam. BM majors with no theory experience may want to consider taking Music 11 in the Summer prior to entrance. This exam may not be repeated. For more information about classes that you should take in your first quarter, see this section.



Auditions for private instruction in strings, winds, brass, and percussion may be arranged with individual faculty members by instrument. See for email contacts.

Audition information for Music Dept. ensembles may be found at, click on the ensemble you are interested in.


Placement for 31A, Class Piano, is now on a first come, first served basis. There is no longer an audition requirement for this class if you have taken Music 11. Students must have fundamental music knowledge, the equivalent of Music 11 to participate. If you have not taken Music 11, or it's equivalent, you will need to audition (you can sign up using the same audition as in the next paragraph). Email to request an add code, or show up for the first class on Friday at your preferred course time. Class is offered MWF at 10am, 11am and noon in Music 1232.

Placement tests are required for Secondary Piano, Music 31X and 32A-F. MUS 31X-32, Sign up for an audition:

A second audition is also required for intermediate and advanced piano, Music 33/133, sign up for this AFTER the above audition. A sign up list will be posted outside of Music 0305.

Piano Proficiency Placement Test    Wed Sept 25                         10-1                                        Music 0301

Piano Auditions                                    Thurs Sept 26                       10 am -1:30 pm                    Music 0305

Voice and Choral:

MUS20, Elementary Voice: sign up for auditions at Sign up Genius: posted here when available

Chamber Choir/Women’s Chorus: sign up for auditions at Sign up Genius: posted here when available

To audition for Voice Lessons with Faculty (MUS25), sign up outside Music 2236 starting Monday, September 23.

Audition for MUS25 voice lessons*         Thurs Sept 26            10 am – 1 pm       Geiringer

Mandatory Voice Area Meeting*    Thurs Sept 26     3pm – 4 pm    Geiringer

*required for all voice majors and students in voice faculty studios

UCSB Chamber Orchestra:

Please see for more information, audition sign ups here: TBD

Orchestra Auditions                           Saturday Sept. 28                 TBA         Lotte Lehmann Concert Hall

First rehearsal                                    Mon, Sept 30                 6:30 – 9:30 pm    Lotte Lehmann Concert Hall


ENGLISH LANGUAGE PLACEMENT EXAM (ELPE) Non-native speakers of English, including both international students and Permanent Residents, are required to take both the written and the oral portions:

ELPE          Fri Sept 20                   8:30 am-11:30 pm                 TBA



Tours will be available during Fall quarter – more information coming soon.


Auditions for Other Individual Lessons & Ensembles

For individual lessons (and most ensembles), MUS 8, 20-33, 88, A34-A70AAZZ 108, 120-133, and A134 –A170AA-ZZ, an audition is required. Typically this will happen in the week before the quarter starts, or during the first day of class. Most ensembles have information about the audition listed their webpage.


Practice Room Keys & Lockers

To arrange for a practice room key or locker, please contact Connor to set up an appointment. Connor will be available for temporary additional hours for key, locker and instrument check out in the Music Building, Room 1251 (the northwest corner of the building, near Storke Tower) HOURS TBD

Music Department rooms are ONLY for students enrolled in Music Department ensembles or lessons (no exceptions). A $40 deposit is required, checks or money order (available at the Post Office in the UCen) only, made out to UC Regents is required at the time of your key appointment.

If you need a room to warm up for an audition for a Music Department offered lesson or ensemble, please see the Advising Office in Music 1314 during office hours to see if a space is available during this time only. Once you are accepted into a lesson or ensemble, you will need to arrange for your own key.


First Quarter Recommended Classes For New Majors

Please note that this is a general guide based on all music majors entering new to UCSB. Various degree emphasis, placement exams and transfer courses or other exams (e.g. Language proficiency) may have already fulfilled some of these requirements prior to enrollment at UCSB.

Music 3A, Introduction to Music Studies

Music 4A, Musicianship - You will drop this during the first week of classes if you place at a higher level after taking the placement exam. You will pick up this series wherever you placed

Music 5A, Music Theory - You will drop this during the first week of classes if you place at a higher level after taking the placement exam. You will pick up this series wherever you placed. If you placed into Music 11, Fundamentals of Music, you should register for this class at this time. If Music 11 is full and you are an entering declared Music Major, contact the undergraduate advisor for an add code.

Music 10A, History of Music – If you placed out of the 5 series, you may want to start the MUS 10 series, although this series is recommended for your sophomore year.

Music 31A, Class Piano - You may drop this the first week of classes if you place at a higher level after taking the class piano audition or switch into a higher level class.

Music 20-33, Individual Instruction - Choose the appropriate course number for your instrument or voice. BM students must register for 3 units, and BA students and composition students must register for 1 unit.

A Performance Ensemble, Music A34-A70AA-ZZ - this may vary; choose from the selection on your requirement sheet or if you are considering a switch from BA to BM, take the requirement for BM.

French, German or Italian. Primarily applicable to voice and piano majors. All students at UCSB will need to complete a language proficiency requirement, which may have been met in high school. If not, these are the languages Music students are advised to study (if not required for their degree).