Chamber Orchestra

Chamber Orchestra Cello Section
UCSB Chamber Orchestra 
MUS A 42, A 142, A 242
Director: Maxim Kuzin
Teaching Assistant: Britta Thomas
Class time: Mondays 7-9:30 pm
Class location: ONLINE

The UCSB Chamber Orchestra invites you to join the ensemble in Fall 2020. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Orchestra will hold Fall 2020 activities online.

The UCSB Chamber Orchestra is planning to do many exciting things in the fall! We will produce an audio/video recording of  the “Storm” movement from Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony. Some of you were working on this symphony during the spring quarter, and we will further build on that work. It will be so rewarding to produce the video where each player can be featured on the video and have it for future reference! Depending on the success of this endeavor, the subsequent course of action will be decided.

Moreover, we are currently testing a software program that may allow us to REHEARSE ONLINE LIVE! Fingers crossed! I am very animated by this idea and hope that it will be possible to include at least some elements of the live online music-making into our course activities and fall experience.

More information and details will come in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

Audition Information


All new and former UCSB Chamber Orchestra players are required to audition to participate in the Orchestra in Fall 2020.

The audition will be 15 minutes long.

A note:I add 3 minutes to our regular 12-minute auditions as I would like not to rush and to have a chance to find out how each one of you is doing during the pandemic time.


Sign up for an audition slot using the following link: Fall 2020 UCSB Chamber Orchestra Audition Signup Form

Complete this required form before the audition: FALL 2020 UCSB Chamber Orchestra Signup Form
Please note that this form is required in addition to your official course enrollment!

Please download and print corresponding to your instrument file with audition requirements for your instrument from one of the following links:

Music Major Excerpts

Non-Major Excerpts

Prepare the excerpts, warm-up, and connect to the Zoom session 5-10 minutes before to make sure you have time to fix possible connection issues, etc.


Wednesday, September 30, 2020 – 9 AM-6 PM, On Zoom

(if necessary, additional slots will be added after 7 PM)


Audition Zoom link:

Upon entry, you will be asked to wait in the digital room before being admitted. I will see you waiting in the room and will let you in once the ongoing audition ends. Please be patient!


You will receive the result of your audition before our first meeting on Zoom on Monday, October 5, 2020, via e-mail you specify on your Fall 2020 UCSB Chamber Orchestra Signup Form

I will send you more detailed information about our first and subsequent Zoom meetings, course content, and activities as soon as we are done with the software testing that may impact the course mode and content. Please be patient and rest assured that we are doing everything possible to provide the most engaging, meaningful, and exciting orchestral experience possible in the new reality!

If you have specific questions about your audition, or would like to request further information about the UCSB Chamber Orchestra, please e-mail the orchestra TA Britta Thomas at or Music Director Maxim Kuzin at We are looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday, September 30, 2020!