Chamber Orchestra

Chamber Orchestra Cello Section
UCSB Chamber Orchestra 
MUS A 42, A 142, A 242
Director: Maxim Kuzin
Teaching Assistant: Britta Thomas
Class time: Mondays 7-9:30 pm
Class location: Lotte Lehmann Concert Hall
Dear prospective UCSB Chamber Orchestra players,
I hope this message finds you well in the course of the unprecedented life events we are all experiencing! 
Thank you for your patience as we transition to the online format of the orchestra class this quarter. We worked hard to deliver the interesting and useful content and learning experiences for you during the spring quarter.
The Orchestra’s online learning activities during the spring 2020 quarter will include a combination of the following two types of formats:
-- Online webinars on various topics pertaining to the orchestral musicianship and our spring/fall quarter repertoire;
-- Learning of the spring/fall quarter repertoire with weekly assignments and homework video submissions.
Below you may find a schedule of the interactive live online webinars which will be an integral part of this quarter’s orchestra class and participation in which will be a requirement to complete the course. The webinars will be presented by the various outstanding UCSB music faculty professors and scholars, and will cover a variety of useful topics. I am confident, that the webinars’ content and information will help you shape yourself as an overall better orchestral player and musician. The webinars will be an hour long 7-8 PM Pacific Standard Time on Mondays during the orchestra class time. 
In addition, you will receive weekly assignments from me to submit video files on Gaucho Space of you playing certain sections of your respective orchestral parts. As you already know, our spring 2020 program includes Beethoven’s Fidelio Overture and his Symphony #6 (Pastoral). The plan is to learn this music during the spring 2020 and perform it in the concert in the fall. It will be still relevant in the fall since the Beethoven’s birthday anniversary commemorations will continue worldwide through the entire year 2020. The assignments will be posted on Gaucho Space by midday on Mondays starting week 2 and will be doubled in the email from me. The deadline to submit the videos will be by the end of Sunday of each week. Therefore, you will have almost an entire week to practice the assigned section(s) and prepare your video submission.
By Monday, week two, please download and print your parts from the following link so that you can use them for home practicing and assignments:
Beethoven, Fidelio Overture
Uner the link, click on “Parts” tab and download your part from the following set: Leipzig: Breitkopf und Härtel, n.d.(ca.1864). This set is second on the link.
Beethoven, Symphony #6
Uner the link, click on “Parts” tab and download your part from the following set: Leipzig: Breitkopf und Härtel, n.d.(ca.1863). This set is third on the link.
I will be extra gracious in grading in the spring quarter. The in-person participation in the webinars and submissions of all homework video assignments will be a ground for a high final grade. I will tell you more details about the spring quarter’s procedures during the first week’s SetUp Webinar on Monday, March 30th (see the schedule below) and you will be able to ask all your questions at that time. I am also always open for email communication should you have any additional questions or concerns. The first week of the spring quarter should be used to address/fix issues you may encounter due to the unusual format of the learning and communication.
I am very excited about the upcoming quarter and I am sure that the new format has its own benefits although they may not be obvious at this point. Let’s discover and use them!
Stay safe and healthy,
Dr. Maxim Kuzin
Lecturer/Conductor, UCSB Chamber Orchestra and Chamber Choir
The University of California, Santa Barbara

Spring 2020 Zoom Webinar Schedule: UCSB Chamber Orchestra

Monday, March 30, 7-8 PM (PST)
Spring 2020 Setup Webinar on Zoom 
Overview of activities, setting goals, syllabus, participation, grading, Q&A
(A computer, phone, or tablet is required as well as a decent internet connection)
Maxim Kuzin
UCSB Chamber Orchestra Music Director
Monday, April 6, 7-8 PM (PST)
-- Development of Symphonic Music: Orchestral Playing in the US with Respect to Labor Practices and Economic Support
Dr. Derek Katz
UCSB Professor of Musicology
Monday, April 13, 7-8 PM (PST)
-- Beethoven's Fidelio Overture and Pastoral Symphony
Dr. Derek Katz
UCSB Professor of Musicology
Monday, April 20, 7-8 PM (PST)
-- Performer’s Sound Choices When Working on Beethoven’s Orchestral and Chamber Music: Period Sound Model vs Traditional
Dr. Maxim Kuzin
UCSB Chamber Orchestra and Chamber Choir Music Director
Orange Coast College Symphony Music Director
Monday, April 27, 7-8 PM (PST)
-- Orchestral Protocol: Maintaining a Sustainable Life in a Large Ensemble
-- Musical survival:  Building diverse skills to survive in this industry
Andy Radford
UCSB Bassoon Lecturer
Santa Barbara Symphony, Principal bassoon 
Santa Barbara Youth Symphony, Music Director
Monday, May 4, 7-8 PM (PST)
-- How To Approach Modern Music: A Living Composer Perspective
Dr. Sarah Gibson
UCSB Composition Faculty
Monday, May 18, 7-8 PM (PST)
-- Being a Freelance Musician and Professional Musician Etiquette
Gabrielle Castriotta
UCSB Oboe Lecturer