Ensemble for Contemporary Music (ECM)

UCSB Ensemble for Contemporary Music
Members of the Spring 2017 Ensemble for Contemporary Music
Fall 2020: MUS A 40, 140, 240
Class time: Monday, October 5, 2020 at 2-3:50 pm (first class meeting) 
F20 Students will only be required to attend rehearsals for the times during which their work is being rehearsed.
Class location: Room 1219, Music Building

FALL 2020 ECM Description:

The Ensemble for Contemporary Music will be a class for both performers and composers for Fall 2020. In addition to large ensemble works (TBD) and the option to learn a contemporary solo work of their choosing, each performer will be paired up with one composer and work towards the premiere of a work written specifically for them. The quarter will consist of workshops, collaborations, and individual coachings/lessons on the solo pieces and will result in an end-of-quarter concert where all solo works will be premiered and recorded live. The large ensemble works will also be performed on this concert. Through these collaborations, both performers and composers will learn the value of collaboration, communication, and workshopping a work to its full fruition.

Please email Dr. Sarah Gibson at sarahgibson@ucsb.edu with any questions.

Audition Information 

All instruments/voice types welcome and encouraged!

If you are a music performance major or music composition major, you can email the undergraduate advisor at hdinnogen@music.ucsb.edu to receive an add code. 

All other students must receive approval to register from Dr. Gibson. Please email her to receive an approval code at sarahgibson@ucsb.edu. If you are outside the music department, an audition may be required.