Dr. Ruth Hellier-Tinoco releases new book, "Performing Palimpsest Bodies: Postmemory Theatre Experiments in Mexico"

Performing Palimpsest BodiesProfessor Ruth Hellier-Tinoco's latest book, Performing Palimpsest Bodies: Postmemory Theatre Experiments in Mexico, will be published in May 2019 by Intellect and the University of Chicago Press. Dr. Hellier-Tinoco's book proposes the innovative concept of palimpsest bodies to interpret provocative theatre and performance experiments, exploring issues of cultural memory, history, transgression, and community transformation. Combined with ideas of postmemory and rememory, palimpsest bodies are inherently trans-temporal as they perform re-visions of embodied gestures, vocalized calls, and sensory experiences.
Focusing on four projects from one of Mexico’s most significant contemporary theatre companies, La Máquina de Teatro, directed by renowned artists Juliana Faesler and Clarissa Malheiros, this study documents the rigorous performances of layered, plural, and trans identities as collaborative, feminist, and queer re-visions of official histories and collective memories, using ideas of scenarios, archives, and remains. Illustrated with over 300 color photos, Performing Palimpsest Bodies will appeal to artists and scholars interested in contemporary theatre and performance studies, critical dance studies, and collective creation.
Ruth Hellier-TinocoThe UCSB Interdisciplinary Humanities Center (IHC) will host a book launch on Thursday, April 18, 2019 at 4 pm in the McCune Conference Room (Room 6020) of the Humanities & Social Sciences Building. Learn more at ihc.ucsb.edu.
Dr. Hellier-Tinoco's book can be pre-ordered at intellectbooks.com or press.uchicago.edu.
Dr. Ruth Hellier-TinocoRuth Hellier-Tinoco, PhD, is a scholar, creator and performer, whose work engages in an interdisciplinary context with the fields of performance studies, ethnomusicology, dance studies, community arts, theatre studies, and Mexican and Latin American studies. Her research projects explore issues of identity, ethnicity and migration; power relations; tourism; gender; embodiment; vocality; and the ethics in/of performance and research. Learn more about Dr. Hellier-Tinoco and her work here.
Performing Palimpsest Bodies: Postmemory Theatre Experiments in Mexico