Ethnomusicology Forum

Fall 2019

Location: Music Library Seminar Room 2406 unless otherwise noted.
Wednesday, October 2 | Room 1145, Music Building
JOINT with Music History and Theory Forum
Welcome, introductions, fall plans, and reception
Wednesday, October 9 | Room 1145, Music Building
JOINT with Music History and Theory Forum
Robby Nadler, Graduate Writing Specialist (UCSB Graduate Student Resource Center). Professional development session on dissertation proposals.
Friday, October 11 | 5:15-6:30 pm | MultiCultural Center Theater
As part of UCSB Ethnomusicology Forum, Métis fiddler Jamie Fox will perform on Friday, October 11, 2019 from 5:15 to 6:30 pm at the UCSB MultiCultural Center Theater. Jamie is a Métis fiddler of the Aaniih and Nakoda tribes of Montana. The Métis are members of ethnic groups native to Canada and parts of the United States that trace their descent to both Indigenous North Americans and European settlers. Jamie grew up on the Fort Belknap Reservation of Northern Montana where she was immersed in a lively fiddle and dance tradition. She will perform selections from the tunes played there, derived from a mixture of Celtic, French, and Native American cultures, and some other “popular” Métis tunes that are played throughout Native country. She will be accompanied on guitar by her father, Jim Fox. 
Sponsored by the UC Santa Barbara Department of Music, Ethnomusicology Program, MultiCultural Center, with the American Indian and Indigenous Collective (AIIC)
Wednesday, October 16
No Forum
Wednesday, October 23 
Joint with Music History and Theory Forum
Martha Sprigge (UCSB), “The Widow in the Archive: Musical Materials and the Gendered Labor of Mourning in the German Democratic Republic.” 
Wednesday, October 30
SEM Student paper Run Throughs
    Stephanie Choi
    Gen Conte
Recommended at 5 pm:
Special Collections & CISM 
Ian Nagoski, Ottoman diaspora music recordings
Wednesday, November 6
No forum. SEM conference.
Wednesday, November 13  
(1) SEM Redux 
(2) Graduate Student Information and Guidelines
Wednesday, November 20
JOINT with Music History and Theory Forum
Preparing a conference paper abstract (target: SEMSCHC and AMS regional chapters)
Wednesday, November 27
NO Forum, Thanksgiving
Wednesday, December 4
DEAD WEEK no forum