Marc Evans

Marc Evans
Graduate Student




Marc Evans has been composing and playing the piano since he was quite young.  His musical/artistic philosophy centers around the concept of flow. Sometimes this may take the form of fluid boundaries between music and other artistic media; thus, much of his work is strongly intermedia. Likewise, improvisation can be a wonderful way of keeping the act of musical creation vibrant and in the moment. He has also been experimenting with playful computer software and algorithmic composition that incorporates indeterminacy. There is a sweet spot between careful planning and unpredictability; thoughtful sculpting helps a work to be focused and compelling, but in the end it is letting go a little that allows it to remain fresh and reach its full potential.

His body resides in Santa Barbara, but his soul floats among the leaves at the tops of trees. He enjoys long, ridiculous words and incorporating outrageous vocabulary into his daily speech.