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Applicants for any program must first apply for admission to the University of California either as a freshman, transfer, international, or graduate student.

Undergraduate Admissions

Students applying to UCSB as a Bachelor of Music (BM) major are required to successfully perform an entrance audition. The entrance auditions happen every year at the end of January/beginning of February for incoming freshman and transfer students. For students looking to enter in Fall 2020 the audition dates can be found on the audition page.

Students interested in a Bachelor of Art (BA) or a Minor are not required to audition or send in additional information to the music department during their UC application phase. If you are intending to do the Bachelor of Art or another degree on campus, and would like to take lessons in one of our faculty studios, you may consider auditioning in January/February, or contacting the instructor for your preferred instrument to meet the instructor, inquire about lessons and space in the studio.

Accepted UCSB students may also audition for performance classes once on campus in the Fall. Auditions for individual lessons, ensembles and other performance classes typically happen during the pre-instructional activities days of Fall quarter.

Students interested in minoring in music can declare their minor once they arrive at UCSB by visiting the Undergraduate Advisor in the Music Department.

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Application Deadlines

Please remember that applying to UCSB and auditioning for eligibility for the Bachelor of Music are separate processes. Once you have completed your UC application, please fill out the audition form and schedule your audition on this site, here.
The deadline for Undergraduate Applications to the UC is November 30. See Audition for the Bachelor of Music pages for audition deadlines.

Graduate Admissions

Graduate students may pursue advanced degrees in music scholarship and performance. We offer a Master of Arts (MA) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Composition, Ethnomusicology, Musicology, and Theory. In addition, we offer a Master of Music (MM) in Piano Accompanying, Woodwinds and Brass, Choral Conducting, Keyboard, Strings, and Voice. A Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) is offered in Choral Conducting, Keyboard, Strings, Horn, and Voice. A PhD is offered with optional emphases in European Medieval Studies and Feminist Studies. Graduate students work closely with faculty members in their specific area of expertise. The UCSB Department of Music supports and encourages students who wish to do graduate-level work in both performance and academic areas. Students may either pursue multiple degree objectives, or combine high-level course work or performance opportunities with the degree program of their choice.UCSB Opera Voice and Orchestra

Application Deadlines

The deadline for all applications, supplemental materials, and test scores is January 10 for admission to Fall quarter. The deadline has been extended to April 1 in past years but is not guaranteed.  Some prescreen materials for performace applications are due earlier.  Please review the Graduate Admissions page for more detailed information.