Campus Committees and Centers for the Promotion of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

This is the campus’s central office for DEI, which helps coordinate initiatives across the university, provide resources, including workshops, and offer funding opportunities.

UCSB Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

This site focuses on Grad Division’s commitment to diversity and inclusive mentorship for all graduate students, through programs, counseling, and other support systems.

Graduate Division

Through the Office of Student Life, this site includes an inclusivity statement, information on reporting bias, and resources directed at students with diverse backgrounds, identities, and cultures.

Division of Student Affairs

This program focuses on providing support for income-eligible and first-generation students through academic programs, mentorship, counseling, and referrals to other campus support services. 

Educational Opportunity Program

Through educational programming, student engagement, and community outreach, the Multicultural Center provides a community for critical dialogue, and a welcoming space that validates marginalized identities.

Multicultural Center

This center provides a space for students whose life experiences may differ from traditional students, such as students who are older, domestic partnered/married, students with dependents, student veterans, and those formerly incarcerated.

Non-Traditional Student Resource Center

This center was started through grant support attached to UCSB’s HSI (Hispanic Serving Institution) recognition, and focuses on academic programming and services, directed at first-year/transfer students, and faculty professional development.

ONDAS Student Center 

The center serves as UCSB’s center for sexual and gender diversity, with resources and support for LGBTQIA+ students.

Resource Center for Gender and Sexual Diversity

Student, Staff, and Faculty Rights and Incident Reporting

There are several offices on campus that outline our rights and responsibilities as department members (whether students, faculty, or staff). Below you will find resources that not only clarify these rights, but allow you to report an incident if you have experienced harm within the department or on campus. If you need help deciding which office to contact, you are welcome to make an appointment with a department DEI officer to discuss your needs. The department is drawing up a grievance process. Until then, please direct any significant complaints or difficulties to the department Chair.

Campus Offices for the Enforcement of Rights and Policies

The University of California, Santa Barbara is committed to promoting and maintaining a healthy working environment in which every individual is treated with respect. The Abusive Conduct in the Workplace Policy addresses UC Santa Barbara's responsibilities and procedures related to Abusive Conduct and Retaliation for reporting, participating in an investigation, or other process provided for in this Policy.

Abusive Conduct in the Workplace Policy

The Title IX office is responsible for ensuring that UCSB’s community members fulfill their commitment to create an environment free from sexual harassment, discrimination, and sexual violence. On their website you can find the campus policies on sexual violence and discrimination, and also file a report with the Title IX office.

Office of Title IX and Sexual Harassment Policy Compliance


The Equal Opportunity & Discrimination Prevention Office (EODP) is primarily intended for staff and faculty: they oversee the University's compliance with federal and state laws and University policies and procedures regarding affirmative action, non-discrimination, and retaliation. On their website you can find information about diversity initiatives on campus, and you can contact their office to report incidents of workplace discrimination.

Office of Equal Opportunity and Discrimination Prevention


This office adjudicates violations of the student code of conduct, both behavioral and academic. At their website you can find a copy of the student code of conduct, and submit an incident report.

Office of Student Conduct



The Ombuds office provides confidential consultations to everyone in the campus community (faculty, students, staff, parents, others) about issues relating to workplace dynamics, interpersonal conflicts, academic concerns, policy questions, or other problems. They are often a first point of call when you have an issue on campus and wish to talk through possible resolutions or campus resources.

Office of the Ombuds


At this link you will find the most recent copy of the UC wide faculty code of conduct. The document lays out both the university’s responsibilities to support faculty in their positions, and standards of professional conduct for faculty behavior.

UCSB Faculty Code of Conduct


Rights and Policies

At this link you will find a copy of the UAW 2865 contract, which guarantees student-workers rights and protections. If you hold a TA or research position in the department, it is bound by this contract.

Graduate Students Collective Bargaining Agreement for TAs and Student Researchers

At this link you will find a copy of the University of California’s policies for ensuring a healthy working environment, where individuals are treated with respect. This policy applies to all university employees, unpaid interns, and third parties, and at all UC campuses.

Policy on Abusive Conduct in the Workplace

Incident Reporting Avenues

At this site graduate students will find an overview of the procedures for various types of appeal if they are not being treated fairly (including grade appeals, concerns with committee members, and grievances related to the various positions that graduate students hold within the university).

Graduate Students Rights and Formal Stages of Appeal

This document outlines the procedure for students reporting an incident of discrimination, harassment, or other types of policy violation. Note that it does not apply to grade appeals, unless the grade appeal is connected to a claim of discrimination or harassment.

Student Grievance Procedure

This brief form allows you to report a violation of the faculty code of conduct (the code itself is provided above).

Complaint form for Violations of the Faculty Code of Conduct

This form should be used to report alleged violations of the Abusive Conduct in the Workplace Policy. 

Abuse of Conduct Complaint Intake Form

On this page, students can submit a report of bias within the university community. You can submit anonymously if you wish, and you can also submit reports for yourself, or on behalf of an impacted party.

Office of Student Life: Bias Incident Reporting

On this page, faculty and staff can report incidences of bias, hate speech, hate crimes, graffiti/vandalism, intimidation, bullying or physical violence, incidences of a hostile climate, or other campus climate issues. This page is for the entire UC system: the report can be made anonymously or you can provide identifying details.

University of California Systemwide Intolerance Report Form

On this page UC community members can confidentially report suspected violations of federal and state laws. More information about the types of violations that can be reported through this outlet are found on the homepage.

Whistleblower Hotline for Violations of Federal and State Laws

Student, Staff, and Faculty Wellbeing

This page offers a guide to services available to students through the division of student affairs, including those related to academics, physical and mental wellness, and links to campus offices that support different student identities.

Departments and Services at the Division of Student Affairs

This website provides an overview of food, housing, financial, well-being, technology and academic basic resources available to students. It includes information about how to apply to Calfresh. 

Basic Needs Resources

The university offers students a range of mental health resources through Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), including individual and group counseling. You can find an overview of their services and contact information at this site.

Student Counseling and Psychological Services

This is a confidential advocacy and education office for interpersonal violence (sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking). They offer free and confidential services to those in the UC community who are impacted by interpersonal and gender-based violence.

Campus Advocacy, Resources, and Education

CLAS offers students services that can help them succeed academically, including consultations about writing, language skills, math and science subject sessions, as well as study skills such as time management, preparing for exams, and writing larger projects.

Campus Learning and Assistance Services

The disabled students program helps students with temporary and permanent disabilities register for academic accommodations in their classes. At their site you can register with DSP, and get an overview of their services.

Disabled Students Program

ASAP offers faculty and staff resources to help manage work-related and personal concerns that can affect job performance and relationships. These services include confidential short-term therapy, wellness workshops, and assistance with threat management.

Academic and Staff Assistance Program

Inclusive Teaching and Anti-Racist Pedagogy at UCSB

CITRAL is a research center that promotes and supports inclusive, equitable, and just teaching and learning, 

Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITRAL)

This office includes good resources for inclusive teaching, including an advice guide of how to reach your students, and teaching/learning in a minority-serving institution.

Inclusive Teaching Guides through the Office of Equal Opportunity and Discrimination Prevention

This center is another resource for inclusive teaching and learning, by providing helpful support with instructional technology (such as Panopto, Gradescope, iClicker, Nectir), course design, and all aspects of teaching and learning.

Instructional Development