Anthony Navarro


MM Violin, Spring 2022 (scheduled)


After graduating from UCSB in 2007 with degrees in Music and English, Anthony Navarro decided to take a stable, safe job in the electronic manufacturing field. Despite a very successful career of 14 years, electronics was never really Anthony’s passion and he longed to immerse himself again in his true passion of playing the violin. Flash forward to 2020 and music is surging into the forefront of his life, centering around acceptance in the UCSB Master’s Program. Anthony has been the recipient of many scholarships from organizations such as the Music Club, Pillsbury Foundation, Santa Barbara Scholarship Foundation, Performing Arts Scholarship Foundation as well UCSB. He also has 15 years of teaching experience in the Santa Barbara Youth Symphony Strings Workshop in addition to teaching many private students throughout his career. Completing his Master’s at UCSB will be the first of many musical successes to come.