Zhongxi Lin


DMA Piano Accompanying, Winter 2024


Zhongxi Lin is a dynamic and versatile pianist, currently pursuing her Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Collaborative Piano at the University of California, Santa Barbara, under the tutelage of the Grammy-nominated pianist and former department head, Professor Robert Koenig.
Born and raised in Asia, Lin's exceptional musicianship and virtuosity have won her numerous accolades across Asia, Europe, and the United States.  She completed her Master's degree in Collaborative Piano at Michigan State University, studying with acclaimed professors Deborah Moriarty, Zhihua Tang, Derek Kealii Polischuk, and Young Hyun Cho.

Lin's passion for music is reflected in her exciting and diverse collaborations with world-renowned artists such as tenors Johnathan Tetelman and Warren Mok, as well as her invaluable masterclass experiences with eminent musicians including James Nicholas Mcgegan, Sheku Kanneh-Mason & Isata Kanneh-Mason, and Victoria Mushkatkol.
As an accomplished Artistic Director, Lin has overseen various projects and events, demonstrating her keen musical insights and organizational skills.  Her ability to bring together musicians and audiences alike has created memorable and impactful experiences.
Lin's performances are known for their artistry, sensitivity, and technical brilliance.  She frequently collaborates with soloists, chamber groups, and large ensembles, showcasing her ability to bring out the best in her fellow musicians.  Her repertoire is diverse and spans different genres and eras, reflecting her broad musical interests and influences.
Lin's musical journey has taken her to many prestigious venues, including Carnegie Hall in New York City, where she has performed on multiple occasions.

Lin's dedication to teaching is evident in her role as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in vocal and instrumental coaching for the Department of Music at UCSB.  Her exceptional talent, commitment to excellence, and passion for music make her a truly remarkable artist, Collaborator, Artistic Director, and Educator.