Benny Lawson




Hailing from the Empire State, Benny Lawson has traversed the country in pursuit of a masters in musicology, finding their new home at UCSB. Mx. Lawson received their B.A. in Applied Music from SUNY Fredonia in 2020, establishing their early career in Western New York as a professional choral singer and arts administrator. During a two year hiatus, Benny earned their living facilitating wine tastings on the Lake Erie Wine Trail while exploring the tenets of music production and electronic dance music. They continued their studies from there with Dr. James Davis of SUNY Fredonia and began navigating the varied landscapes of aesthetics and historiography. With the benefits of diverse experience and skilled mentorship, Benny found their way forward in professional music and is eager to continue their academic journey.  

Mx. Lawson is a proud recipient of the Charles G. Einkenburg Award for outstanding vocal performance, the Daniel & Laurie Tramuta Scholarship for exceptional singing, and a multi-year recipient of the Fredonia Dean’s Scholar Award. Their research interests include music criticism, collegial pedagogy, historiography, and the intersection of gender and music.