Students should plan to create their own programs, review them with their faculty advisor, and submit their recital program ready to print. The department is pleased to print the final versions submitted at the bottom of this page.

The department offers optional program templates to get you started. We offer two different types of templates: simple templates that are easy to create in a Word/Adobe document, and Canva templates.


Canva is an online design tool that offers a powerful free account tier. You can get a free account at

Our Canva templates can be downloaded into any free Canva account and can be edited and downloaded for print for free.  Canva templates include the Department of Music Logo and use official UCSB branding and typefaces. They more closely resemble the programs the Department of Music offers for ensemble programs.  If you are familiar with Canva, or are handy with other forms of design software, we recommend using the Canva templates to create your program. Please remember to review your final version with your faculty advisor, as your final submission will be sent directly to print.


To use the Canva Templates, first create a free Canva account if needed, then log in to the web app, or download the desktop app (recommended) for Mac or for Windows or the mobile app for iOS or Android. Then click on one of the below links to download the template directly into your Canva account.

Solo Recital Template
for Junior, Senior, Masters, and DMA recitals in which only one performer is receiving recital credit

DMA Lecture Recital Template 
for DMA Lecture recitals 


Adobe or Word templates are simple, easy-to-fill-out documents that are less stylized than Canva templates, but quicker and easier to produce.  They include the UCSB logo, but do not use official UCSB typefaces. If you are unfamiliar with Canva and don’t feel comfortable with design software, the Adobe or Word templates are easier to create. Please remember to review your final version with your faculty advisor, as your final submission will be sent directly to print.

Download the Adobe/Word Templates


Students should submit a digital PDF of their final program no later than 14 days prior to their recital. Submitted programs will be archived in the school’s permanent archive.  

Submit Student Recital Program

If you have any questions about the process or your specific program, please contact the Marketing and Communications Manager.