Fall Kickoff, Week 0, Pre-instruction week

All three names refer to the three days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) after move-in weekend and before classes start on Thursday. Please note that classes on Thursday and Friday are required. However, if you have not had a lecture yet for your class, the section for that lecture may not happen this week. For example, if you have a MWF class, and a R (Thursday) section for that same class, that Week 0 section may be canceled. Check gauchospace frequently!

All incoming declared Music or Music Studies majors, please make an appointment with the Undergraduate Advisor over the summer, or meet at the scheduled time during your orientation session.

For students interested in becoming a music major, a personalized meeting is also advised!

Undergraduate Theory and Musicianship Placement Exam

The Musicianship and Theory placement exam is for students new to the university or for students who wish to enter the major or minor who have not taken the exam before. Students will be placed into the appropriate class in the the Music Theory series (11, 5A, 5B, 5C, or in some cases 160A or C), and the Musicianship series (4A-F).

This exam is only offered during the pre-instruction week of Fall quarter.

2024 Exam

Theory - TBD

Musicianship - TBD

Download the Study Guide. If you are an incoming music major, you are already expected at the exam. If you are not a current major but would like to attend, simply register here!

New Music Major Reception

Following the Musicianship and Theory placement exam, the New Majors meeting will happen in the courtyard across the hall from the Music Bowl. If you are new to UCSB, or new to the major, you are strongly encouraged to attend. Continuing majors are also welcome. 

Fall 2024 - TBD

Locker Rooms and Keys

Please see the key page for information. You'll need to bring a $40 check or money order with you to check-out a key. Please note to access any practice rooms, you must be currently enrolled in a Music Department Lesson or Ensemble - there are no exceptions to this policy.



Fall Lesson Audition Info

Lesson Audition Info

World Music

World Music Instrument lessons (MUS 22D-X and 122D-X) do not require an audition to enroll. If you are unable to add directly on GOLD, contact the instructor of the course. Contact the instructor for class meeting times if not listed in the schedule - or be on the lookout for an email from the instructor. Instruments listed below will link to the instructor teaching the lessons.

The department offers instruction in Dastgah, Arabic Maqam, Nay, and Oud in all regular quarters: Fall, Winter and Spring, and Sitar in Winter (and for continuing students in Spring).


Unless outlined in detail here, other auditions for private instruction in strings may be arranged with individual faculty members by instrument. See the Faculty Directory for email contacts.


An audition is required. Students who audition may be assigned for piano study with either graduate teaching assistants or, in some cases for advanced students, with piano faculty members.

Signup for a MUS 31 Audition. All students will sign up for placement into our out of 31A-X. In this audition you will be given a short sight-reading example and asked a few questions about your prior piano studies. If you are interested in taking intermediate to advanced lessons, prepare two contrasting solo works from different historical periods.

If appropriate, students will be referred to a second audition for placement into 33 or 133. Prepared audition pieces can be the same, the committee for this audition is different. For placement into 133 (upper division lessons) as a non-BM major, please prepare three contrasting works from different historical periods. One of the works must consist of one or more movements of a sonata from the Classical period.

Signup Sheets:

MUS 31A-C, X, Beginning & Intermediate Piano 

MUS 33/133 Advanced Piano, posted on the first day of pre-instruction week in front of room 0305 (located in the basement of the Music Building). Only sign up for this audition if you are a BM student in Piano, have been advised by the audition committee after an audition for MUS31, or otherwise directed by the keyboard faculty.


An audition is required. Students who audition may be assigned for voice study with voice faculty members.

MUS 20, Elementary Voice, click to sign up for the audition.

MUS 25, Intermediate Voice (Lessons with Faculty). By Invitation Only.

Fall Ensemble Audition Info

Audition information for Music Dept. ensembles may be found here, click on the ensemble you are interested in. Some ensembles (most world music ensembles and all choirs except chamber choir) do not require an audition, just sign up on GOLD!

All Ensembles can be found in GOLD under the MUSIC A - PERFORMANCE LABORATORIES section for registration. For ensembles that require an audition, approval (aka add) codes will be distributed by the instructor after a successful audition.

Students should register for ensembles based on their class level. Students with Freshman or Sophomore level standing should register for classes numbered 0-99, Juniors and seniors 100-199, Graduate students 200-299.