Distinction in the Major

Distinction in the Major is awarded to students who successfully complete a project or thesis with distinction as part of a departmental senior honors program.

To qualify in Music, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.5, and receive an A- or above in MUS 196, and 192A-C or 197. Both projects must be enrolled for unit credit and a letter grade of at least A- determined by two faculty members, a supervisor and second faculty member. 

University Honors

Students with outstanding academic achievement are honored at the time of graduation. College Honors are awarded to those Letters and Science undergraduates who have completed 135 or more letter-graded units in the University of California with a grade-point average of at least 3.85. General honors at graduation are awarded to the top 20 percent of students who complete at least 60 letter-graded units in the University of California, as follows: The top 2.5 percent receive Highest Honors, the next 6 percent receive High Honors, and the next 11.5 percent receive Honors. 

College of Letters and Science Honors Program

The College of Letters and Science Honors Program encourages students to enrich their educational experience and to participate in a small community atmosphere within the larger university setting throughout their undergraduate study. Honors Program participants benefit from increased contact with both faculty and peers in small classes and special programs. Participants in the Honors Program enjoy special advising services, graduate library privileges and other benefits. Housing is available for eligible first-year students in Scholars floors located in several university-owned residence halls.

Honors students may engage in independent and team research under the supervision of a faculty researcher. Special access to advising and research funding is available to Honors students. Contact the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities for additional information.

Please refer to the Honors website for information about Honors Program eligibility and requirements.