UCSB Wind Ensemble Horn Section
UCSB Wind Ensemble Horn Section

About the UCSB Horn Studio

The UCSB Horn Studio, whose typical enrollment is 8 to 10 students, provides a challenging, yet encouraging and supportive environment for horn players. The studio is dedicated not only to mastering the technical nuance of the horn, but in the learning of orchestral repertoire and in finding and communicating your unique solo voice.
If you, as a horn player and student, are looking to win an orchestral position, pursue graduate school, or simply want to perform and teach the horn better, then the UCSB Horn Studio is the place for you. Please, feel free to peruse the site, and if you have any questions or would like more information, don't hesitate to contact us.

Degrees Offered

Undergraduate - Bachelor of Arts (BA) with an emphasis in Music Studies and Bachelor of Music (BM)

Learn more about the BA with an emphasis in Music Studies and the BM degrees in the Music Department, Undergraduate Program section of UCSB's General Catalog.

Graduate - Master of Music (MM) and Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)

Learn more about the MM and DMA Performance degrees in the Music Department, Graduate Program section of UCSB's General Catalog.


Steven Gross | Professor, Horn

Graduate Students


Recent Masterclasses and Residencies

1M1: Hollywood Horns of the Golden Years
A documentary film directed and produced by Annie Bosler that takes you through the history of Hollywood studio musicians via film music's most prominent orchestral instrument - the French horn. Featuring numerous interviews with Los Angeles music legends, the film follows the development of the motion picture industry. 
The Czech-America Horn Duo
Concert, Masterclass, and Lecture on “The Czech Horn Tradition”
The Czech-American Horn duo (Steven Gross & Ji?í Havlik) is dedicated to performing horn repertoire for the US and Czechoslovakia, and premiering new, as well as previously undiscovered horn gems from Bohemia.
Genghis Barbie Horn Workshop
Concert, Masterclass, and Lecture on “Making a Career in Music: Options from Freelance to the Symphony Orchestra”
Alana Vegter – Assistant Principal, New York Philharmonic (2014 – 2015)
Wei-Ping Chou – Washington DC hornist
Danielle Kuhlman – New York City hornist
Rachel Drehmann – New York City hornist
Knights Chamber Orchestra
Horn Masterclass, Brass Masterclass, and Career Panel
Michael Atkinson and Wei-Ping Chou / Horns
Josh Frank and David Nelson / Brass
Eric Jacobsen, Alex Sapp, Zach Cohen / Career Panel
Daniel Wood of the QUADRE, The Voice of Four Horns
Daniel Wood, founder of the ensemble, presented a seminar on artistic entrepreneurship, illustrated through the origins and development of Quadre. The ensemble has performed over 1000 concerts, lectures and workshops throughout the United States.

Recent Guest Artists and Clinicians

Sarah Bach, LA Performer and Teacher
Andrew Bain, Principal horn, Los Angeles Philharmonic
Steve Durnin, LA Studio Artist
Alan Fogle, LA Studio Artist
Warren Gref, San Diego Symphony
Tom Hiebert, Fresno State University
Ron Janezic, Principal horn, Vienna Philharmonic (Austria)
Louise MacGillivray, LA Performer and Teacher
Dan Nebel, U.S. Air Force Band of Flight
Brian O’Conner, LA Studio Artist
Laszlo Seeman, University of Miskolc (Hungary)

Student Achievements and Alumni

Former UCSB hornists play in major cities such as New York (Emily Whitecotton), San Francisco Bay area (Kelli Reynolds, Alicia Mastromonaco, George Gelles), Portland, Oregon (Kelly Elliott), Seattle (Nick Walls), and Gronigen, Holland (James Riehl). A number of students have gone on to prestigious doctoral programs (Eric Morin, Jonathan Snyder). 
UCSB’s versatile curricula permits hornists with additional interests to play the horn, and work in related fields. Examples are Utah Symphony librarian (Maureen Conroy), Orchestral Conducting (Brian O’Donnell), and Music Therapy (Allison Heinrich).
Some hornists double major, in such fields as Economics (Anne Cotin), and Biological Sciences (Kyla Vinson). Bethany Stevens majored in Horn, with minors in German and Business. 
(Dr. Gross adds that this list is not exhaustive, and hopes that no one is offended if their name is not listed here. Persons, locales, and positions are available upon request.)