Please note that most lessons require auditions during Fall Kickoff! Please review that page for lesson information if inquiring about lessons for Fall quarter.

World Music

World Music Instrument lessons (MUS 22D-X and 122D-X) do not require an audition to enroll. You can add the classes in GOLD without additional approval if you are registering within the registration period. Contact the instructor of the course for class meeting times if not listed in the schedule. The department offers instruction in Dastgah, Arabic Maqam, Nay, Sitar and Oud.

Strings, Winds, Brass and Percussion

STRINGS requirements for auditions and recitals

WOODWIND & BRASS BM requirements for auditions and recitals

WOODWIND & BRASS BA requirements for auditions and recitals

Unless otherwise outlined, other auditions for private instruction in strings, winds, brass, and percussion may be arranged with individual faculty members by instrument. See the Faculty By Area Directory for email contacts.


An audition is required for all lessons, with the exception of MUS 31A in Fall. 

Requirements for auditions and recitals

  • Class Piano (MUS 31 A, B, C) are group lessons and available for students who already read music (both treble and bass clefs), and who have taken MUS 11 or its equivalent. Students in this series may be at a more beginning level of piano study but should be able to read music at a basic level. If you are an undergraduate bachelor of music (non-piano) major and are required to pass piano proficiency, you can either start at MUS 31A or place into B, C or out of of the 31 series via audition. For requirements and scheduling, as well as questions about 31 A-C series, please reach out to Prof. Natasha Kislenko.
  • Private lessons (MUS 31X, 32 or 33/133) are for piano students who have had previous serious study in piano at the intermediate or advanced levels. Contact Prof. Natasha Kislenko for placement in MUS 31X
  • If you are an advanced student, you may be able to audition for placement into  MUS 33 if there is available space. Please, direct your questions to either Professor Paul Berkowitz or Dr. Charles Asche at In your inquiry, discuss your piano background.
  • Piano Proficiency students required to pass piano proficiency for their degree requirements should contact Prof. Natasha Kislenko to inquire about a piano proficiency exam.

Note, that piano lesson slots tend to fill up quickly and students selected for study in the Fall Quarter will automatically receive priority for study in subsequent quarters.

Fall 2023 MUS 31 Audition Link Here


Requirements for auditions and recitals

MUS 20A Elementary Voice:

Fall 2023 information:

MUS 25, Intermediate Voice (Lessons with Faculty)


Please email the instructor for placement into Music 8 or 88. Students must be able to read and write music. All levels are repeatable until students are ready for the next.

MUS 8, Elementary Composition

MUS 88, Intermediate Composition

MUS 108, Advanced Composition,
Portfolio Audition Required. Email the undergraduate advisor for instructions. Typically portfolios are accepted in January and June for entrance the following Fall quarter. Bachelor of Music, Composition students receive priority enrollment.




Audition requirements for individual ensembles vary by ensemble and can be found in the detailed page for each ensemble. Most world music ensembles do not require any experience or audition to join.

Ensembles are a great place to get started. For students looking for their upper division performance classes, who haven't participated in a lower-division faculty studio should explore the ensemble opportunities available. Ensembles are registered for by course level; freshmen and sophomores should register for the course 0-99, juniors and seniors 100-199.