Music 1 is a one-unit course in which students attend 1 classical music concert per quarter, produced by Santa Barbara's Community Arts Music Association (CAMA). CAMA generously gives UCSB free tickets for students enrolled in Music 1. The College of Letters and Science generously charters buses for transportation to the concerts and back to campus.

The tickets UCSB receives from the CAMA are a donation, made possible by contributions from donors whose gifts make up for ticket revenue that CAMA would otherwise earn from the sale of tickets they give us. CAMA sponsors the program in order to make tickets available to students who sincerely want to learn about and experience classical music. Please do not enroll in Music 1 and enjoy the benefit of CAMA's generosity unless you are sincere about participating fully in the course.

Each concert is preceded by a 45-minute lecture on campus given by the Music Department. Concerts take place either at the Granada or Lobero Theatres in downtown Santa Barbara.

Students may enroll in Music 1 for one or more quarters, for a maximum of 3 quarters (3 units).

Requirements and Policies


Attendance is mandatory at the introductory lecture and the following concert (immediately following the lecture). If on reviewing the schedule (see below) you find that you cannot attend the lecture-concert events, do not register for the course; if you have already registered, please withdraw and register for Music 1 in a future quarter when you can attend all events. Failure to attend a lecture-concert event will result in a grade of NP (No Pass) for the course.

You must arrive for the pre-concert lecture at the scheduled time and place. The entire lecture is 45 minutes in length. If you find that your schedule will not allow you to attend the full 45-minute lecture, please drop the course and enroll in another quarter when your schedule allows you to arrive at the pre-concert lecture on time and attend the full lecture.

You must attend the concert in its entirety, not just for the first work played or only up until intermission. Your ticket stub will be collected immediately following the concert—this will be your credit for attending the entire concert. If you find that you cannot remain for the entire duration of the concert, please drop the course and enroll in another quarter when your schedule allows you to remain for the entire concert.

There are no exceptions to the attendance requirements.

Bus Transportation

Bus transportation to and from the Lobero and Granada Theatres is provided free of charge. You will board buses immediately following the pre-concert lecture for the trip downtown, and immediately after the concert for the trip back to campus. You may drive on your own, but you must attend the lecture in order to receive a ticket and still turn in your ticket stub after the concert.


Tickets are provided only for students whose names appear on the instructor's enrollment sheet for Music 1. Please do not bring friends to the lecture with the expectation of receiving an extra ticket. There are no extra tickets. Please do not ask. At the end of the pre-concert lecture, tickets will be distributed according to the enrollment sheet. After receiving a ticket, you will board the buses in front of the UCen.


After the concert, you must submit a 2–3 page paper (12 point font; double-spaced). The paper should follow up on points made in the lecture about the music, the composers, and the composers’ lives and times. Often, music is influenced by or connected with political events of the day, the music of other composers, or the work of other artists (such as painters, poets, authors). The lecture may touch on such aspects of the music. Take notes during the lecture so you can make use of this information throughout your paper.

You may discuss your impressions of the music, but your paper should not lapse into a running commentary on how the music made you feel as you listened.

Papers must be submitted electronically on GauchoSpace within one week of the concert. Failure to turn in a paper will result in a grade of NP (No Pass) for the course.

There are no exceptions to the paper requirement.


Music 1 is offered on a PASS/NO PASS (P/NP) basis. Failure to attend a lecture-concert event or to submit a paper for an event will result in a grade of NP (No Pass) for the course.


Do not attempt to paraphrase the CAMA program notes as a way of writing your paper, or use the information in the program notes as the main source for writing your paper. The result will be a grade of NP (No Pass). The paper should be written based on information and hints for listening to and understanding the music given in the pre-concert lecture, and on your listening experience in light of the lecture.