Ethnomusicology Forum features lectures from leading ethnomusicologists from around the globe. Recent talks included “Tools for Understanding? The Creole Geographies of Dominica’s Popular Music” with Dr. Timothy Rommen (University of Pennsylvania); “Decolonizing the Ethnomusicological Archive” with Dr. Aaron Fox (Columbia University); and "The Art of Making a Scene: Vocal Disruption, Affective Regimes, and Public Space" with Eugenia Siegel Conte (PhD candidate, UC Santa Barbara) and UC Santa Barbara alumnus Dr. Max Jack '19.

As part of Ethnomusicology Forum, a new series highlighting ABD doctoral candidates has also been introduced—UCSB ABD Graduate Student Series. Most recently, the series included talks such as "Formulating Difference in Modal Music: The Analysis of Emplacement within Andalusian Music in Tunisia" with Jared Holton and "Eth(n)ographic Gardening: Preliminary Research Design in a Study of Permaculture Acoustemologies" with Alexander Karvelas.