Instrument Checkout Policy

The Department of Music can only lend instruments out to students who are enrolled in a music performance class, or who are taking lessons from a member of the faculty. In addition, the student must receive permission from their instructor before they can borrow the instrument. Instruments are located in the key office (Room 1251). If you qualify, you can set up an appointment with the Operations Manager/Technical Specialist.

Equipment Rental Policy

The Department of Music can only lend audio equipment to music majors, or those who are enrolled in music performance classes or ensembles. The borrower assumes full financial responsibility for the equipment, and shall pay the Department of Music full compensation for the replacement of any equipment which is not returned, or damaged beyond repair. The borrower shall not use the equipment in a location other than what they have listed in the Equipment Rental Form.

iPad Check Out Policy

The UCSB Department of Music has a limited number of iPads available for music majors to check out for the purpose of hands-free page turning via the Forscore app. Each iPad is equipped with a Bluetooth pedal for page turning as well as an Apple pencil for score mark-up. Please refer to the iPad Check Out Policy for more information before contacting the Operations Manager/Technical Specialist.