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Students can declare a minor in music starting their first quarter at UCSB. The department of Music has only one minor - Music. There is no possibility of specifying an emphasis for the minor, but there is much flexibility in choosing coursework to allow you to focus the minor on your interests.

View the Music minor requirements


Get Started

It is not necessary to complete any classes before declaring the minor, but it is recommended you do at least one of the two prep classes first. MUS 11 is a good place to start if you haven't taken it yet. If you have Theory experience, you might consider taking the placement exam, or a passing score in AP Music Theory also articulates as MUS 11.

To officially declare, email the undergraduate advisor with your PERM number and request to declare the minor.


Choosing Courses

Student pursuing the minor may choose what classes they want to take to complete the minor within the ranges on the minor sheet.

Upper-division classes are classes numbered 100-199.

Each year the department posts the tentative course plan for academic offerings here:

Course Planning Guide


Finishing Up & Graduating

Once you declare candidacy for graduation, the registrar will email you a reminder to check in with your minor advisor to make sure you've met your requirements. It's a good idea.

After the grading deadline of your final quarter, the undergrad advisor will run your record and check it against the requirements automatically at this time. A certification that you've completed the minor will be sent to the registrar after the grading deadline. If there are any issues, or you didn't complete the minor, we'll reach out to you to be sure. 

Contact the music undergrad advisor with questions.


If at any time you wish to no longer formally pursue the minor, simply email the undergraduate advisor with your perm and request to remove the minor. No reason needed - we'll miss you!