Choral, Orchestral & Conducting Programs

Study in choral and orchestral conducting is possible at the graduate level. For graduate students, significant podium time and performance opportunities with one or more of the ensembles are a prominent feature of the Conducting Program.

Degrees Offered


Master of Music (MM)
Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)
Combined Master of Music/Doctor of Musical Arts (MM/DMA)
Learn more about the MM, DMA, or combined MM/DMA Performance degrees in the Music Department, Graduate Program section of UCSB's General Catalog. Information on applying to the graduate program can be found here

Choral Music Emphasis

UCSB offers a vibrant Choral Program in close association with the vocal area, and features a variety of activities. The Chamber Choir, a select ensemble specializing in virtuosic works from the a cappella repertoire, comprises 32 musicians from UCSB and the greater Santa Barbara area. It prepares students for work at a professional level and offers a wide range of local, national, and international performance opportunities. The Women's Chorus, an ensemble of female voices from departments across campus, performs choral repertoire for equal voices from the Renaissance to the 20th century, collaborates with the Chamber Choir and organizes exchanges with vocal ensembles from other UC campuses. The Gospel Choir, an ensemble of the Ethnomusicology Program, attracts a large number of students from many campus disciplines.

Orchestral Music Emphasis

The Orchestral Program provides instrumentalists with the opportunity to acquire both basic and advanced experience in the preparation and performance of the great masterpieces of orchestral literature. Through collaboration with other performance areas, it nurtures individual growth and excellence in a variety of settings, including opera, choral/orchestral music, concerto and new music performance. A vital aspect of the program is its strong commitment to the training and development of young professional conductors. To this end, orchestral conducting students are afforded significant time with the orchestra.


Nicole Lamartine | Sorensen Director of Choral Music
Maxim Kuzin | Lecturer, Chamber Orchestra Director

Graduate Students (Choral Conducting)

Graduate Student Successes

Academic Positions held by Alumni

Helena von Rueden | Assistant Professor of Fine Arts/Director of Choral Activities, Hampden-Sydney College (Virginia)

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