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Teaching Assistant and Associate Information

Teaching Assistant/Associate offices are assigned at the end of Summer/beginning of Fall Quarter. Please see the 2021-22 TA/Associate Directory for a current listing of office assignments. Students should make an appointment with the Operations Manager to check out office keys. Please review the Practice Rooms and Keys policy for additional information.
Teaching Assistant/Associate mailboxes are located in the copy room in the Department of Music's main office. Access to the copy machine and office computer is restricted to Teaching Assistants/Associates and should be limited to course-related business.

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Course Requirements/Schedule Planning

The degree progress sheets list all of the requirements, including coursework, for each degree. They can be found in the UCSB General Catalog or a copy may be obtained from the Graduate Advisor. It is important to meet with your faculty supervisor regularly to be sure you enroll in the correct courses each quarter. The Graduate Advisor can also assist you.


Teaching Assistant/Associate fee remission, departmental felllowships, and central campus fellowships are assesed to your BARC account the week before school begins. You must be enrolled in at least 8 units for any funding to be processed.


If you are a non-resident of California, it is important to establish California residency by the second Fall Quarter. Non-residents cost an additional $15,000 per year (non-resident tuition), which makes it important to establish CA residency as soon as possible. The department will not cover your non-resident tuition in future years. It is important to be aware of and start the process as soon as you arrive in Santa Barbara.
You will need to submit a Statement of Legal Residence no later than the fourth week of your first spring quarter. If you have any questions about this process, contact the Residence Deputy at

International Students

Office of International Students and Scholars

Newly Admitted International Students

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity Resources for Graduate Students

Incident Services If you have witnessed or experienced issues related to discrimination and/or harassment, please know you are not alone in the process. The Campus has various confidential and reporting resources available. 

Graduate Scholars Program

Graduate Advising - If you're not sure where to go, contact Carly Yartz, Music Graduate Student Advisor

Music Department Diversity Officer: Professor Stefanie Tcharos