Robert Koenig

As I arrived on campus for the first day of classes on September 23rd, I immediately noticed an incredible buzz of excitement all around the music building. We were back, in-person, for the first time in 18 months! The practice rooms were occupied, glorious music was pouring from everywhere, students were seeing their colleagues and friends in classes for the first time in nearly 2 years, and the faculty and staff were smiling, laughing, and ready to get back to doing what we all love so dearly. As we cautiously start to return to a sense of normalcy on campus, I am full of admiration for all of our music community that has endured this difficult and challenging time during the pandemic. Through everyone's determination, strength, and ability to work together, we are emerging stronger than ever, and can once again demonstrate to the world that music is not going anywhere. 

Welcome back to all of our returning and new students! I wish all of you a productive and joyous school year during 2021-22.

October 6, 2021