Do you love to make music? Join us!

You do not need to be a major or a minor to participate in most Department of Music activities — but we would love it if you were! Talk to the Undergraduate Advisor to find out about our Bachelor of Arts degrees or the Music Minor. Ready to participate in an ensemble, take a private lesson, learn a new instrument, or take a music theory class? Explore your options below!


Degree Choices

With sixteen different emphases in the Bachelor of Music, BM majors must choose one: bassoon, cello, clarinet, composition, double bass, flute, french horn, oboe, percussion, piano, trombone, trumpet, tuba, viola, violin or voice. Note: BM degrees require an entrance audition.

Our Bachelor of Art degree in Music Studies offers 3 optional emphases: Western Art Music, Ethnomusicology or Interdisciplinary Studies. All BA degrees balance musical studies in history, musicianship, theory and performance with the broad general education implied by all liberal arts degrees. Students in the BA are still eligible for all lessons and ensembles through auditions.

Entrance into the Music Studies major, or Music minor do not require an entrance audition.

discover a

new talent

The music department regularly offers beginning-level instrument lessons in: piano, voice, composition, sitar, nay, oud.

*some beginner lessons may have prerequisites.


Ensembles Open to All Students

I'm not a music major but...

Yes! You can participate! At UCSB, music is a department, not a separate school or college. We welcome students of all disciplines to explore our classes, lessons, and ensembles.

Music 11 is often the best place to start if you're not sure.
It's a GE & offered every quarter!


Music Minor


Minors can be declared once you start at UCSB and provides maximum flexibility to choose what classes you want to focus on.

To officially declare a minor, email the undergraduate advisor from your UCSB email account with a request to add the minor and your PERM number.

Easy peasy.

(same goes if you wish to un-declare a minor)


Students participating in the music department quarterly.

Explore your creative side.


Music Majors Pursue a Double Major

UCSB has many exciting departments and classes. If you have more than one strong interest, you may find it rewarding to complete a double major and the music department is happy to support you in this endeavor. Either music major (BA or BM) can be combined with a second major.



The approximate number of applicants who audition annually for entrance into one of our competetive Bachelor of Music programs.

Practice Rooms and Lockers

Practice rooms and instrument lockers are available for students actively enrolled in Music Department ensembles or lessons. To ensure space is available for all students taking lessons and participating in our ensembles, there is no exception to this policy.
You qualify? Get a key!

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Take a Class

Most Music classes are open to everyone as long as the prerequisites are met. Our most popular classes for students interested in taking a Music class  for the first time are Music 1, 11, 15, 17 and 114. These classes are offered every quarter, including Summer. Music 11 is a prerequisite for most lessons. A diagnostic exam is offered for placement out of MUS 11 if a student has previous training in Music Theory.


Join an Ensemble

We offer graduate and undergraduate students, majors and non-majors, the opportunity to participate in one or more of our 25+ ensembles. Many ensembles require an audition to enroll, but several do not. View our Ensembles page for detailed information about each ensemble, as well as any relevant audition information, if required. Please consult the current Schedule of Classes to confirm class times and course numbers. 



The Music Department offers a variety of instrumental lessons. We offer beginning lessons in piano (MUS 31), Voice (MUS 20), Composition (MUS 8) and World Music instruments (MUS 22/122/222). Private lessons can be taken as credit-based classes, included in your tuition. Our most popular and available lessons include instruction in Classical Piano and Classical Voice. Auditions, or listed prerequisites, may be required for access. Priority is given to Bachelor of Music and continuing students.