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October 1, 2020

During the summer, Dr. Steven Gross was interviewed on Zoom as part of a public Celebrity Hornist Series featuring internationally prominent horn players. The interview was hosted by Director Charles “Skip” Snead of the School of Music at the University of Alabama. Other interviewees included British soloists Michael Thompson and Richard Watkins; former Chicago Symphony member Gail Williams, now at Northwestern University; Jeff Nelson, past member of the Canadian Brass, currently at Indiana University; and David Ohanian, previous member of the Boston Symphony, Empire Brass and Canadian Brass. Topics comprised preparing for and winning major orchestral auditions; developing the American soloist and solo literature; teaching philosophy and approaches; and a discussion of preparing musicians for the 21st-century job market.

An interview with Dr. Gross is also featured on UC Santa Barbara’s Division of Humanities and Fine Arts website for “Focus on Faculty”, which can be viewed here. The discussion included Professor Gross’ role as the only full-time faculty hornist in the UC system, his teaching experiences during the coronavirus emergency, and research interests in Baroque music.

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