Anjela Tokadjian


MM Keyboard, Fall 2022


Anjela Tokadjian has studied the piano for over 17 years and has cultivated a deep understanding and passion for her craft. She has performed several recitals, and has extensive experience in solo performance, as well as collaborative and chamber music. Anjela is currently a graduate student at the University of California, Santa Barbara where she studies as a Piano Performance major under the guidance of Dr. Charles Asche. Her previous teachers include Dr. Dmitry Rachmanov, Dr. Ming Tsu, Margarita Markosyan, and Mariana Sargsyan. Throughout her musical journey, Anjela has had the privilege of participating in masterclasses with renowned teachers such as Alexandre Dossin, Enrico Elisi, Kirill Gliadkovsky, and more. In the summer of 2019, she participated in the Borromeo Music Festival in Uri, Switzerland, where she worked with astounding and renowned faculty from numerous universities at the national and international level, and gave multiple performances. She is a recipient of multiple scholarships and fellowships, one of the most recent being the Frank McGinnis Memorial Scholarship in 2019. 

Along with her love of performance, Anjela is also a piano teacher of seven years. She biannually organizes recitals for her students to showcase the repertoire they have worked on over the course of six months. Her students’ repertoire ranges from beginner Czerny etudes to Bach Prelude and Fugues, Beethoven sonatas, and large romantic works. As a teacher, she is nurturing, kind, and passionate, and as a student, she is devoted to her craft, flexible, and hardworking. These attributes allow her to consistently grow as a pianist.