Zhongxi Lin


DMA Keyboard, Winter 2024


Dr. Zhongxi Lin is a virtuoso pianist, composer, and researcher from California, USA.
Embarking on her musical journey at the tender age of four and a half, she has since honed
her craft through rigorous training and education, earning degrees from prestigious
institutions such as Michigan State University and the University of California, Santa
Barbara. Dr. Lin has graced esteemed stages worldwide, including two notable performances
at Carnegie Hall in 2022. Her exceptional skill and proficiency as a pianist have led to
performances in major cities like Hong Kong, Rome, Newark, Lansing, Santa Barbara, and
New York.
As an Artistic Director, Dr. Lin has orchestrated several transformative musical projects,
blending her profound musical understanding with strong leadership. Her collaborations with
renowned tenors Johnathan Tetelman and Warren Mok highlight her ability to synergize with
global talents, amplifying the impact and reach of her performances. Dr. Lin holds a special
affinity for the field of collaborative piano, which has significantly shaped her scholarly and
professional pursuits. Her doctoral research delves into the nuances of collaborative piano
performance and its broader implications for equity in music, underscoring her commitment
to inclusivity in the arts.
Dr. Lin's daily regimen, structured around the 5E model of learning, ensures comprehensive
development of her technical skills and critical thinking—qualities essential for success in
competitive and concert settings. Her development has been enriched by mentorship from
distinguished musicians such as Deborah Moriarty, Derek Polischuk, Dr. Young Hyun Cho,
Dr. Zhihua Tang, and GRAMMY-nominated pianist Robert Koenig. These relationships have
been instrumental in shaping her musical expression and professional trajectory, preparing
her for leadership roles within the musical community.
In addition to her virtuosity in classical music, Dr. Lin is a composer whose work transcends
entertainment, addressing pressing global concerns. Her 2022 composition, "R=0," available
on Spotify and Apple Music, is a poignant response to the isolation and uncertainty brought
about by the COVID-19 pandemic and worldwide conflicts. By invoking the Schwarzschild

singularity (“R=0”) as a metaphor for unity, Dr. Lin’s music serves as a sonic bridge
connecting hearts and minds during tumultuous times.
Dr. Lin’s recently published doctoral research, which explores the evolving role of the
collaborative pianist, is available through eScholarship. This work further illuminates her
commitment to scholarly inquiry and artistic exploration. Her research aspires to transcend
boundaries, envisioning music as a universal language that fosters peace and understanding
across diverse cultures.
With her multifaceted talents, collaborative spirit, and dedication to cultural and educational
advancement, Dr. Zhongxi Lin is poised to make a lasting impact on the global musical
landscape, resonating far beyond the concert hall.
(Dr. Zhongxi Lin was a student, studying the keyboard program under Professor and Former
Department Head, Robert Koenig from 2019.)