UCSB Gospel Choir

UCSB Gospel Choir 25th Anniversary Reunion Concert (June 3, 2016) with Pastor Victor Bell (Director) and soloist Dr. Diane L. White-Clayton (UCSB alumna). 

Course Information

Course Numbers: MUS A 70V, 170V, 270V (Ethnomusicology Ensemble)

Director: Victor Bell

Class time: Tuesdays 7-9:50 pm

Class location: Room 1145, Music Building

Course Description

Founded over 25 years ago, the UC Santa Barbara Gospel Choir is known for its exciting performances of traditional and contemporary songs drawn from African American religious tradition. The choir’s current director, Pastor Victor Bell, has led the group since the late 90s, and continues the legacy set in place by previous directors Dr. Diane L. White-Clayton and Pastor Jimmy Fisher. The choir is regularly asked to perform at university and community events, and has been featured at prestigious events such as the Chancellor’s Reception at UC Santa Barbara, the opening ceremony of the UC Santa Barbara Art, Design & Architecture Museum, and the Gospel Music Workshop of America’s annual convention. For the choir’s 25th anniversary, the group celebrated by inviting over 100 alumni back to UC Santa Barbara to perform with the choir, which was led by all three of the choir’s current and former directors. The choir has recorded an album, ‘Praize Party on the Yard,’ and several of its members have been featured on television shows such as ‘The Steve Harvey Show,’ ‘American Housewives,’ and Cedric the Entertainer’s ‘The Soul Man.‘

Please contact the director, Pastor Victor Bell, at vbell@music.ucsb.edu to learn more about how to join the UCSB Gospel Choir.