Operations and Facilities

UCSB Jazz Combos
UCSB Jazz Combos in Karl Geiringer Hall
Please use the links to the left for information regarding:
  • Interdepartmental scheduling of events, concerts, and recitals.
  • Rentals of our various facilities such as Lotte Lehmann Concert Hall, Karl Geiringer Hall, and our many other spaces. Rentals are available to all campus members as well as members of the general public.
  • Information for Music students regarding keys and practice rooms.
  • Policies concerning equipment usage, facility usage, piano usage, and recital scheduling. 


Q: Does the Department of Music grant access to practice rooms or instruments to students who are not affiliated with the department in some way?
A: Unfortunately, the department cannot accommodate these requests due to high demand from our own students. We do not make exceptions to this policy.
Q: Can anyone rent the facilities for events?
A: Yes! Please contact our Production and Events Manager for pricing and availability.
Q: What is the process for recital scheduling?
A: Please refer to our handy Recital Scheduling Guide for a simple, step by step explanation of our student recital scheduling procedure. For quick reference on available dates and time, please see this document.