Recital Scheduling

Fall 2020-Summer 2021 Recitals

Please refer to the Virtual Performance Resources, Standards, and Guidelines document when planning a recital in the 2020-2021 academic year. This document outlines the UCSB Department of Music’s approach to performance-related activities in a virtual teaching environment. Throughout, you will find guidelines for recording performances at home, suggestions of equipment and virtual services, staff resources such as training and consultation sessions, and step-by-step instructions and timelines for scheduling virtual performances of various kinds.

A Step-by-step Guide to Planning Your Student Recital

Step 1: Meet with your studio instructor

Meet with your studio instructor first to discuss repertoire and other recital details, including recital hearings, dress rehearsals, and committee members.

Step 2: Find a recital date

Contact your studio instructor, recital committee members, and collaborators. Find a date listed as "Available" on this calendar. Find two or three dates that suit all people involved. NOTE: the calendar shows availability of Karl Geiringer Hall. If you would like to use a different space (Room 1145 or Lotte Lehmann Concert Hall) or request a different date, please contact the Production and Events Manager directly. 
Times listed on the calendar are recital start times, but you will have access to the hall one hour before your start time. Recitals are scheduled in 3 hour blocks to allow for 30-40 minutes of setup/warmup, 20-30 minutes for audience entry, 90 minutes for performance (including intermission), and 30 minutes for strike/teardown.

Step 3: Schedule your recital

NOTE: Recital scheduling requests are only allowed in the first two weeks of each quarter. Any recital scheduling requests outside of this window will incur an additional $30 fee.
To hold a slot, give your chosen dates to the Production and Events Manager either over email or in person. You will receive a response confirming one of the requested times. Once the date is held for you, you may not reschedule. 
Once a final date has been determined, students must fill out and submit the Student Recital Scheduling Approval (SRSA) form and pay their standard recital fee of $80 by check made out to “UC Regents” to the Production and Events Manager.
Additionally, you must fill out a Concert Equipment Request Form (CERF) and submit it to the Production and Events Manager. Please refer to the department’s piano policies for more details on piano use.

Step 4: Perform your recital hearing

In order to perform your recital, you must pass your recital hearing, complete your post-recital hearing approval forms, and submit them to the appropriate Staff Advisor and the Production and Events Manager. Undergraduate students must fill out the Undergraduate Audition / Composition Portfolio / Senior Project Form. Graduate students must fill out the Graduate Recital Audition Form

Step 5: Request publicity

After completing step 4, you now have the option of publicizing your recital via the Department’s website, newsletter, and social media channels. Please submit a Student Recital Publicity Request Form (please complete with your email address) at least two weeks prior to your event to formally request publicity. For more details on how to request publicity, please consult the Student Recital Publicity Guide. The earlier you submit your materials the more options you will have for publicity. Student recital publicity requests submitted less than two weeks prior to the event will be considered on a case by case basis. Please contact the Department’s Marketing and Communications Manager with any questions. 

Step 6: Submit program information

The Department of Music designs and prints all student recital programs. All program information (including text and translations for vocalists) should be emailed to the Marketing and Communications Manager at least two weeks prior to your event. Please consult the Student Recital Publicity Guide for more information on how to submit program materials.

Step 7: Plan your reception (optional)

If you would like to host a reception after your recital, please indicate whether or not you will need tables on your Concert Equipment Request Form (CERF). Department of Music staff, ushers, and techs are not responsible for setting up or cleaning up your reception. Please make appropriate arrangements with friends or family.

Step 8: Perform your recital

You will have access to your venue 60 minutes prior to your recital start time, depending on the scheduling limitations for that day. This time is intended for set-up and warm-up. You will be assigned a 90-minute time slot for your performance, intermission, stage changes, stage entrances/exits, and cleanup. Depending on scheduling limitations for that day, you may be asked to clear the hall directly following your event to make room for the next performer. Please be considerate of other performers and clean up the green room and reception area following your event.

Step 9: Submit final recital form

Once you perform your recital, you must complete your post-recital forms and submit them to the appropriate Staff Advisor and the Production and Events Manager. Undergraduate students will have already filled out the Undergraduate Audition / Composition Portfolio / Senior Project Form (see Step 4). Graduate students must fill out the Graduate Recital Form