Revised September 24, 2019


The Department of Music offers the following publicity options for student recitals:

  • Listing on the Department of Music Events Calendar
  • Event listing in Department of Music community, campus, and department weekly event emails
  • Listing in campus and community calendars (Independent, Noozhawk, Edhat, etc.)
  • One social media post on the Department’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts
  • Program design and printing

If a student is interested in publicizing their recital, they must submit a Student Recital Publicity Request Form. If a student does not formally request publicity via this form, their event will not be publicized. Publicity requests must be received no later than two weeks prior to an event. Requests received less than two weeks prior to an event will be accommodated on a case-by-case basis.

Requesting Publicity

To formally request publicity, students must fill out the Student Recital Publicity Request Form. Students must have the following materials prepared when filling out the form:

  • Short bio (maximum 150 words)
  • High-resolution headshot [image should be 300 ppi (pixels per inch) for print or 72 ppi if image will be for web use only]
  • Repertoire list (last names of composers are fine until your program is finalized)
  • Names of all collaborators and their instruments (pianist, chamber musicians, etc.)


ALL students are required to submit a program to the Marketing and Communications Manager, either via the Student Recital Publicity Request Form or by email. The Marketing and Communications Manager will prepare the program in the department's template. DMA and PhD students may opt to create their own programs for lecture-recitals ONLY. If a student opts to create their own program, they must work with the Marketing and Communications Manager to include any required text in their program. 

Exact program information does not have to be included when submitting the Student Recital Publicity Request Form, but must be received at least two weeks prior to your recital date and be a final approved version. Students must include the following when submitting program information:

  • Titles of pieces (include all diacritical marks, italicization, opus numbers, etc.)
  • Movement titles
  • Composer first and last names
  • Composer birth and death dates
  • Intermission (indicate where it will fall in your program)
  • Vocalists must include text/translations (include original text for songs that are sung in English)


The department does not design or print student recital posters. If a student requires assistance in finding a design program or website to use, they must contact the Marketing and Communications Manager. UC Santa Barbara's on-campus print shop, David B. Miller A.S. Publications, offers competitive rates on print materials. If a student would like their posters displayed around the department, they must bring six copies to the Marketing and Communications Manager’s office (Room 1315F in the main Department of Music office).