Departmental Forms & Procedures

All Request forms must be submitted to the appropriate staff member at least one week prior to the performance.

Production and Events




Student Employment

Student Waiver of Liability/Campus Guest Waiver of Liability


Faculty Forms

Fall 2020 Faculty Forms


Audition, Jury & Recital Guidelines by Area


Undergrad Audition, Jury, Recital & Senior Project Forms

Senior Project, Audition-Jury, and Composition Approval Form (SPAC) 
To be completed after all auditions, juries, composition portfolios or senior projects has been completed and approved. 

Undergraduate Recital Appproval Form 
To be completed after a BM recital (Junior or Senior) has been performed and passed.

PLO Assessment Form (all areas) 
To be completed by each committee member, after a BM audition, jury or recital performance.