The Department of Music provides music majors the opportunity to record in a professional music studio with state-of-the-art equipment and experienced engineers. The Department of Music Staff will review requests and grant recording projects on a case-by-case basis. With instructor and staff approval, music students will have the ability to record high-quality audition tapes, live and studio performances, and original compositions.

We are excited to offer music majors free access to the Kerr Hall Recording Studio, staff expertise, and generous studio time. We are also providing remote recording services in both Geiringer and Lotte Lehmann Concert halls. 

Find more information on preparing for your recording in our Recording Guide.

Explore the links below to find the forms you will need to fill out each time you would like to submit a request to record:

  • Students

  • Instructors (students must send this link to their instructors prior to submitting a recording request)

Also, with your permission, you will have the opportunity to share your music on the UCSB Department of Music SoundCloud page.

As long as the request is academic in nature, this program is available free of charge for all Department of Music students. Students who are required to record audition tapes or material for a class will have priority over those who are not required to do so, even if their material is academic in nature. 

Engineering is performed by our Technical Specialist, Connor Long, and our Production & Events Manager, Anthony Garcia. Connor holds an M.F.A. from New York University in Music Technology, was an assistant engineer for Depeche Mode and Iration, and worked as a recording engineer and sound designer for several projects at Santa Barbara Sound Design. Anthony holds a Ph.D. in composition, and has recorded and produced tracks and albums for ensembles with widely varying instrumentation.

The school waives any copyright ownership over the recorded sound, enabling students and faculty the freedom to publish their work in any form, including commercial and non-commercial recording labels.

See you in the studio!