Key Hours for Spring 2024 in Music 1167

The key office has moved! Find it in MUSIC 1167 (next to MUSIC 1145 classroom)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11 am - 1 pm 

Please see the information below for more details on practice room use, as well as locker rentals and key check-out

Practice Rooms

All students with access to practice rooms must observe the following rules. If these rules are not followed, keys may be revoked and deposits may be forfeited.

  1. Do not prop any exterior doors open or disable door latches in any way
  2. Do not lend your key out or give access to anyone who does not have a key
  3. Be respectful of the space:
    • Do not scratch, punch, or write on the acoustic tiling
    • Do not write or paint on the walls
    • If stands, chairs, or piano benches are moved from one room to another, restore them when finished
    • For the protection of the pianos, there is no food or drink allowed inside the practice rooms. Please respect all rules outlined in the Piano Policy
  4. Do not lock any individual practice rooms inside the quad rooms. If you need a space to lock your instrument, please request a locker
  5. Turn off lights and close/lock exterior doors when finished practicing

See the Practice Room Keys section for more information on checking out keys to practice rooms. 


Any student in the Music Department or taking part in a department ensemble is entitled to a locker (based on availability). Lockers are to be used for the storage of musical instruments, books, music, and related items. All lockers in the locker room are already equipped with a lock and the student will only need to be given the combination.

Lockers may be used for the duration of the entire year. All students are required to empty lockers Monday after finals week regardless of future enrollment/use. A check will be done during the summer to ensure all lockers have been cleared and are in satisfactory condition. Lockers can be reserved over the summer but the borrower must notify the Operations Manager/Technical Specialist prior to the beginning of the summer.


Extra Large Lockers

These lockers are designated for larger instruments such as tubas, trombones, baritone saxophones, cellos, and French horns. With the exception of tubas, all other instruments can be shared 2 per locker.

Large Lockers

These lockers are designated for trombones, French horns, bassoons, and guitars. Only one person per locker.

Medium Lockers (stacked)

Top: trombone, bassoon, clarinet, flute, trumpet, sax, French horn

Bottom: same, with the exception of trombone

Key Policies

Checking Out Keys

Keys are issued to qualifying students who are active in the music department (refer to the list below).

All students must pay an initial key deposit of $40 for the first key and an additional $15 for any additional key (with a maximum deposit of $100). Deposit must be paid by check or money order made out to UC Regents. If providing a deposit is financially prohibitive, please email the Chief Administrative Officer to request a waiver.

Temporary key checkouts can be made on a case-by-case basis without a deposit but will require the borrower to provide some form of collateral, such as an ID.

If you cannot be present during key hours, please set up an appointment with the Operations Manager/Technical Specialist.

Faculty and Staff are issued keys based on need and are not required to pay a deposit.

Returning Keys

In order to have a deposit returned, all keys must be returned by the end of the academic year on or before the Monday following finals week. Key deposits will be forfeited if this is not done.

If you are not a music major, and you do not plan on taking any of the music courses listed below in the following quarter, you must return your key(s) by the end of the quarter on or before the Monday following finals week. Key deposits will be forfeited if this is not done.

If there is a need to retain a key during the summer and/or into the following academic year, you must notify the operations manager by email on or before the key return date. Otherwise, the key deposit is forfeited.

Practice Room Keys

The Department of Music can only give practice room keys to music majors and minors; those enrolled in performance ensembles, lessons, or composition courses; or by instructor permission.

Individual Practice Rooms 

All practice rooms are booked through Appointlet 

Performance Majors, Enrolled Students in Performance Classes or Ensembles.

  • Basement Upright Piano Practice Rooms 0316, 0318, 0322, 0324, 0326, 0328, 0330, 0332
  • Basement Empty Practice Room 0342

Piano Majors Only

  • Basement Grand Piano Practice Rooms 0302, 0304, 0338, 0340, 0346

Group Rehearsal Rooms

Chamber Music Groups are encouraged to contact the Production and Events
directly as soon as their group is formed in order to make reservations
for recurring rehearsals for the quarter.

Group rehearsal rooms can also be booked through Appointlet

Chamber Music Groups, Ensembles, Department-Established Groups (YASQ, Faulkner, etc)

  • Group Rehearsal Rooms 2316 (A), 2311 (B), 2312 (C), 2308 (D), 0313

Piano Majors or groups with a Piano Major Only

  • Group Rehearsal Room 2307 (F)

Majors, Minors

  • Group Rehearsal Room 1316 (E)
  • For information on recording sessions, please contact Production and Events Manager

Girvetz Hall after-hours practice rooms

Accessible by:

Majors, minors, individuals in Ensembles or music classes or with special permission only after 5pm. These rooms are shared and are first come first served and are not booked through Appointlet.

Girvetz Hall small lockers

Accessible by:

Majors, minors, individuals in Ensembles or music classes or with special permission.  Most instruments will not fit in these temporary lockers but additional storage of medium and large instruments is available through key office checkout.   

Keys to Classrooms, Classroom AV, and Classroom Pianos

Instructors and Teaching Assistants who are actively teaching a class will be issued a key to the appropriate classrooms and AV keys. Keys to locked classroom pianos can be issued when needed. Key deposits are still required for classrooms, classroom AV, and classroom pianos.

Members of chamber ensembles requiring rehearsal space are allowed to check out keys to Music Room 1207, 1213, 1219, 2224, and 2230 on a quarterly basis.  A deposit will be required and these keys are only to be used for access during scheduled rehearsal times.

Keys for Teaching Assistants

Active Teaching Assistants and Associates will be issued a key to their assigned office, classroom, pianos (when necessary), media equipment (when necessary), and professor’s office (by permission). Key deposits are still required for Teaching Assistants.

***Usage of facilities for private lessons or other business is strictly forbidden and subject to penalty.